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Restore, enhance & preserve your natural beauty.

Natural beauty treatments and well-being therapies at our lakeside studio in Bishampton, Worcestershire.

At Wildrose, we are more than just a beauty and well-being studio – we are a sanctuary where beauty is fostered naturally, a champion of authenticity, and a celebration of the innate beauty that blooms in each individual. Nestled by the serene lakeside of Bishampton, we cultivate an environment where nature meets nurture, where tranquillity encourages transformation, and where inner glow is as vital as outer radiance.


Unearth serenity with Wildrose massages

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our bespoke massage treatments, designed to harmonise your body and spirit with the healing touch of nature.

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Experience the glow of Wildrose facials

Elevate your skincare routine with our tailor-made facial treatments, infused with the purest natural ingredients, designed to uncover your skin’s inherent radiance.


Embrace elegance with Wildrose nail treatments

Revel in the fusion of fashion and nature with our custom nail treatments, designed to mirror the beauty of the wild.

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Accentuate your allure with Wildrose beauty essentials

Discover our range of essential beauty services, from expert waxing to lash enhancements, all designed to accentuate your natural allure.

Wildrose Beauty Salon - Worcestershire 11
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Free skincare consultation with every treatment.

Enhance your natural beauty journey with a complimentary skincare consultation on all booked treatments.